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Neoval production and mark gate, which have advantages
FROM£º Neoval Valve   DATE£º2012-5-21

Neoval production and mark gate advantages:

1. And mark gate fluid resistance small, the resistance coefficient and the length of the pipeline section with equal.
2. Mark gate and simple structure, small volume, light weight.
3. And mark gate close reliable, at present the sealing face of the gate material widely used plastic, good sealing, vacuum system also in has been widely used.
4. And mark gate operation is convenient, open and close rapidly, from full open to all as long as 90 ¡ã rotation, facilitate remote control.
5. And mark gate convenient maintenance, gate structure simple, sealing ring is usually activities, remove the change are more convenient.
6. And mark gate in the fully open or fully closed, disc and seat sealing surface and medium isolation, media through the, won't cause of valve sealing surface erosion.
7. And mark gate wide range, size from a few millimeters to, to several meters from the high vacuum and high pressure can apply.


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