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German standard bellows globe valve product introduction and characteristics
FROM£º Neoval Valve   DATE£º2012-5-21

German standard bellows globe valve product introduction:

German standard bellows globe valves are ideal for nominal pressure PN1.6 ~ 16 MPa, working temperature-29-350 ¡æ inflammable, explosive, severely poisonous, toxic fluid, high temperature heat conduction oil, liquid ammonia, and other media

Widely used in petroleum chemical industry, chemical fiber and textile, plastic paper, electric power steel, printing and dyeing rubber, natural gas, and other gas system, reliable performance, widely used in glycol as industrial fluid. Driving way manual and gear, electric, air, etc.

German standard bellows globe valve structure features:

1, product structure reasonable and reliable sealing and dual heavy-duty bellows seal design (the corrugated pipe + packing), ensure the stem zero leakage. No fluid loss, improve plant equipment safety. And in accordance with the international standard seal.

2, seal face surfacing Co and hard alloy, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, resistance to friction performance is good, long service life.

3, stem the tempering and surface nitriding process, good resistance to corrosion resistance and friction performance; Stem lift position indicator, and more intuitive.


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