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German standard valve products structure characteristics
FROM£º Neoval Valve   DATE£º2012-5-21

German standard valve products structure features:
A type seat-the traditional gate valves tend to wash out water pipe in namely after the material such as stone because, pieces of wood, cement, paper, sundry etc deposition in the bottom of the valve in the groove, easy to cause the cannot close close and the formation of slack phenomenon, soft seal gate valves the bottom adoption and conduit of the same flat design, is not easy to cause sundry deposition, make the fluid unimpeded.

Overall, the valve use plastic bags of high quality rubber in the whole, outsourcing glue, the domestic first-class rubber vulcanization technology makes the valve to ensure sulfide precise geometric size, and rubber and ductile iron valves and firm, is not easy to fall off and elastic memory preferred.

Corrosion resistance-the body the epoxy coating powder, can prevent the body corrosion and rust, and can be used for sewage system. Not easy to break before traditional iron gate valves is often caused by external things, collision or overlap hit caused by fracture wait for a phenomenon. Because the body to switch to nodular cast iron, the situation has been greatly reduced.

Three "O" type ring seal-due to stem the use of three "O" type ring sealing ring seal design, can reduce the friction resistance when switch cuts, slack phenomenon and can not replace the sealing ring water supply construction.

Help to drink-due to internal body born with non-toxic epoxy resin coating, the inside of the disc surface are coated with rubber completely without water or corrosion phenomena appear rust, born to drink.

Precision casting body-the body with precision casting, precise geometric size makes the body without any finishing will ensure internal valve sealing.

Light weight-the ontology of nodular casting is made, weight is traditional gate the weight of about 20% ~ 30%, easy installation and maintenance.


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