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The characteristics of the gb gate valves
FROM£º Neoval Valve   DATE£º2012-5-21

The characteristics of the gb gate valves
1, open the gate valve opening and closing small torque because when disc movement direction and medium flow direction in vertical, and stop valve, compared to open or close the gate valves are effort.
2, fluid resistance small because gate valve body internal medium channel is the direct, medium flows through the gate valves are not change the flow direction, so fluid resistance small.
Three, the structure is short length for the wedge disc of the gate is vertical in body, and the globe valve disc is placed in the valve body level and structure length than globe valves short.
4, medium flow direction not restricted medium can be from any direction on both sides of the gate through, all can reach the purpose of use. More suitable to the flow direction of medium may change in the pipeline.
5, sealed performance is good sealing surface erosion fully open by small.
6, rev. Idle time is long, the height of the great gate valves must be fully open when due to open or seated, disc large travel, and open to certain with the space, shape dimension high.
7, seal face easy damage when opening and closing and seat disc in contact between the two sealing and have relatively friction, easy to damage, influence and service life can seal.
8, more complex structure parts, manufacture and service more difficult, cost than globe valves high.

Gate valves have a fluid resistance small, apply pressure, temperature range, and other features, is one of the most commonly used block valves, used to cut off or through the medium pipeline. In the full open to the direct circulation, and at the time of the operation pressure loss minimum medium. Gate valves are normally used in don't need often opening and closing, and keep the fully open or fully closed gate working conditions. Does not apply to as regulating or throttling use. For the flow of medium, disc in the local conditions can cause open the gate vibration, and vibration and may damage the disc and seat of seal face, and throttling will make disc of the medium from erosion.

Domestic low pressure valves is generally used is cast iron material, often occur in iron gate valve body, disc and unrelenting frosty off serious problems, the iron gate carbon steel stem easy rustily, packing gaskets quality is poor, inside and outside leakage serious. The valve PN1.0 MPa low voltage network of carbon steel gate valves has replaced traditional iron gate valve, effectively resolve the iron gate to gate, unrelenting frosty shell to fall off, the valve stem easy rustily, sealed performance is not reliable.


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